Team management refers to the ability of an individual or an organization to administer and coordinate a group of individuals to perform a task. Team management requires cooperative teamwork, communication, and objective setting and performance appraisals. It is the capability to identify problems and resolve conflicts within a team. Scroll down for details...


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There are various methods and leadership styles a team leader can take to increase the productivity of the personnel and build an effective team. In the workplace teams come in different shapes and sizes who all work together and depend on one another. 

They all communicate and work to accomplish set goals. Management teams are a specific type of team that performs duties which include leading, directing and advising other employees and teams that work with them to achieve a goal. Whereas work, parallel, and project teams hold the responsibility of the direct accomplishment of a set goal, management teams are responsible for providing general direction and assistance to their members and those teams. 

This book explains the different communication skills in team leadership, the essence of integrity in team management, keys to developing high performing team, keys to identifying the team leader’s strength, harnessing the creative potential of team members, different team members’ role, discovering the unique talents of team members, techniques for selecting team members, the team development life cycle, theories of team motivation and facilitation. 

Also, evaluation techniques of team players performance, team management tools, team decision making tools, problem solving methodologies in team management and team members as change-makers are thoroughly discussed. 

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