Solar/Inverter Installation & Training

Once you contact us, our services team would do an evaluation of your load, and come up with a topology and design that suits your particular needs and budget. 


  • Site & Energy Audits

We conduct an in-depth audit of the customer's site, electrical appliances and proceed to system specifications and dimensioning.

  • Design & Planning

After conducting an environmental and structural analysis of a customer's site and electrical appliances, we proffer design proposals, costs and resource analysis required to define the scope of the project.

  • Installation

We execute professional installations of our systems and technologies ensuring compliance with safety standards, quality assurance and customer satisfaction on commissioning.

  • Operation and Maintenance

At the end of the installation, we monitor the effectiveness of the operation of the system and conduct regular preventive maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

We offer one year warranty to our clients which covers both mechanical and operational costs with the application of terms and conditions.


In the training, participants would be taught, Inverter and Solar Technology, Installation and Maintenance.

At the end of this course participants would be able to do the following;

  1. Describe the various types of Inverters: Pure Sine Wave, Approxiate and Quasi-Sine wave inverters..
  2. Describe the various types of Solar Panels: Polycrystaline, Amorphous & Monocrytaline Technologies.
  3. Describe Inverter & Solar Panel Specifications.
  4. Understand Inverter Load & Power Estimations & Calculations.
  5. Conduct Inverter Sizing, Installation & Maintenance.
  6. Conduct Solar Panel Sizing, Installation and Maintenance.
  7. Describe Batteries & Battery Technology.