Project Management Software Training

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a project management software product, developed and sold by Microsoft. It is designed to assist a project engineers and managers in

  • Developing schedule,
  • Assigning resources to tasks,
  • Tracking project progress,
  • Managing project budget,  
  • Analyzing workloads, and
  • Generating reports.

This course covers 

  • Process of setting up project files,
  • Creating tasks,
  • Assigning resources,
  • Working with views,
  • Using baseline calculations to track project progress, and
  • Reporting project information.

 At the end of the course, you will be able to 

  • Manage your project using Microsoft Project.
  • Create your project plan using Microsoft Project.
  • Add and manage resources within project.
  • Work with budget, costs, and material in Microsoft Project.
  • Update status within project schedule and determine tasks yet to be executed.
  • Create reports and export data to other Applications.

Primavera P6

This course thoroughly describes how to

  • Plan projects,
  • Create filters, layouts, baselines, and
  • Print reports.

In this training you will learn how to

  • Create and assign roles and resources,
  • Update an un-resourced project,
  • Control projects with resources and costs,
  • Set up a database, and
  • Administer the database.

This training also covers other essential features such as importing and exporting projects, using the level of effort (LOE) activity, managing multiple projects, and adding notes in the details form.


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