Fire Alarm Systems Installation & Training

We service and inspect all brands of fire alarm systems and install systems from a range of high-quality manufacturers. Our engineers are consistently up to date through steady training in the evolving technology behind the systems. 

Our team of engineers has extensive training and credentials, and they’re experienced in inspecting, installing, and servicing fire alarm systems. We also offer hands-on practical training services... 

When you call us to install a fire alarm system or to inspect, service, or upgrade a current system, you get the strength of a highly competent and reliable team. 

Would you want anything less when it comes to the safety and security of lives and property? Call us today.


This is a hands-on practical Fire Alarm Systems training. You do not necessarily need to have previous technical knowledge or background as you would be taught from the very basics.

At the end of this course participants would be able to do the following;

  1. Identify various Fire Alarm Systems' Components, including Control Panels, various types of Smoke & Heat Sensors, Notification devices, Power supplies & back-up systems. Fire resistant cables.
  2. Describe Fire Systems topologies (Conventional, Addressable & Stand-Alone modes), concept of Zoning, loops & parallel connections for sensors and devices. Concept of Wi-Fyre & Wireless devices. Wire to Wireless Gateway. Application of Modems for remote automatic (mobile phone notifications).
  3. Understand Fire Alarm Systems Design Building safety interfaces; Automatically and manually actuated devices. High rise building fire management systems.
  4. Alarm Evacuation signals, fire alarm systems code: temporal code3, EVAC capabilities pre-alert tones etc.
  5. Fire Systems management & control: Fire warden stations, fire command center, pre-Alert tones.