The days of cold-calling, knocking on doors, and using traditional advertising are over. The average person spends at least 5 hours per day online. This simple fact is all the reason why you need digital marketing strategy. The world of marketing has undergone a complete transformation with the rise of digital technologies. Many organizations today are constantly faced with a constant proliferation of social media channels, the growing power of connected customers, and an explosion of new digital tools. In order to thrive in this method of marketing, marketers must be able to plan, implement, and measure the impact of digital strategies that are suited to today's customers and integrated with their traditional marketing and business goals. It is estimated that around 70% of new value created in the economy over the next decade will be based on digitally enabled platform business models, 40% year-on-year growth for digital marketing industry compared to 5-6% growth in other industries, and that 91% of businesses are engaged in some form of digital initiative. With the above, it clearly seen that the future of marketing still rests on shoulders of digital marketing, hence the need for the course. In this course, you will learn how to use an integrative plan of social media, search engines, emails, and content to promote your business. You will learn various strategies required for you convert interest of potential online customers to sales. What you’ll learn 1. How to use an integrative plan of social media, search engines, emails, and content to promote your business. 2. Various strategies required to convert interest of potential customers into sales. 3. How to implement different strategic approaches for an effective digital collaboration with customers. 4. Explore how to use targeting options, online influencers and customer decisions for your business. 5. Be able to explore the future of digital marketing for your organization with field experts. 6. Acquire complete understanding of data collection and analysis methods used by marketing professionals. Who this course is for: 1. Business owners and/or entrepreneurs. 2. Website owners who desire to get more traffic and sales. 3. Anyone looking to add highly paid skills to their CV. You would be issued a printable digital certificate via mail after completing this course and scoring at least 50% in the assessment. The assessment would be sent to you via mail after completing your study. NOTE THAT YOU HAVE A LIFETIME ACCESS TO THIS COURSE ONCE YOU ENROL!

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