There is no better time to talk about effective delegation than now. Jobs are getting more demanding and competition is becoming sterner. Leaders who are serious about achieving the goals of their organizations must learn how to delegate effectively.

Organizational leaders need to start improving the productivity of their teammates through effective delegation.In this article, I have written on 5 reasons why delegation is important and the effect it has on the leader, subordinates and the organization.

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The reasons why leaders should delegate more include.

Effective delegation helps to build your subordinates

The idea behind delegation is to give subordinates tasks that would improve them at work. If properly done, delegation can turn low performing employees to high performers. It offers subordinates the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and learn fast.

It gives you time to focus on your most important tasks

Smart leaders are able to identify their most important tasks, they can easily identify where their efforts should go and they know the activities they shouldn’t spend time on. Delegation is one very good way for leaders to maximize their time at work.

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More work gets done with less time

Delegation is sharing responsibility with the intention of building subordinates or teammates. The important thing is for leaders to be able to share their work effectively with subordinates to increase overall productivity of the team.

You understand the areas of strengths and weaknesses of your subordinates

One important advantage of delegation is that it helps leaders understand the areas where their subordinates perform very well and the areas where they need to improve. This knowledge can be used to determine training needs and provide the right training for subordinates. Through delegation you are able to harness the strengths of employees to improve general productivity of the organization.

You build a team of competent people

When you spread work appropriately with the intention to build your team, teammates become better equipped. One trait of good leaders is the ability to identify and maximize the talents of their subordinates. The best way to maximize talent is to put it to productive use and this can be done through effective delegation.

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To be more effective at work, leaders and managers must be able to identify the areas where they should focus on and the functions that they can delegate to their subordinates. Leaders must be confident in the abilities of their subordinates to deliver and they must be willing to support them.

Are you maximizing the talents of the people you are lead in your organization?

Are you helping them grow by giving them more challenging assignments and providing direction and support?

Learn to build a stronger team by delegating more often.

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