Learning new skills is one of the very important way to position yourself for opportunities and prove to be a strong candidate for job openings. Gone are those days when those skills were only acquired in-person, within the four corner of the classroom. These days many of those skills can be acquired online. 

Learning skills online makes it easy to enhance your own skill set and qualify for job openings at the comfort of your home, or any other places at any time. To start learning and acquiring skills, one first step to take is reviewing a list of different skills you can learn online. Doing this can help you identify the ones that are ideal for you and your purposes. 

In this article, top 5 different skills you can learn online are highlighted. The article also contains links to learning these skills at your convenient. Most importantly, many of these skills are completely FREE.


These free online AutoCad courses will teach you everything you need to know about using Autodesk's AutoCAD computer-aided design and drafting software. Used by designers and engineers to develop everything from engines to skyscrapers, AutoCAD's expansive feature-set, powerful tools and flexible licensing options have made it the predominant CAD software of choice. 

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Industrial Health & Safety

With this free online course in workplace safety and health, you and your supervisors and managers will learn how to develop a culture of safety among employees, along with higher productivity and greater employee satisfaction. This is essential for modern businesses that need to implement workplace safety and health policies to ensure compliance with legislation, promote employee well-being, and foster a productive work environment.

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Manufacturing Operations Management

Equip yourself with this online quality management and manufacturing operational excellence course where you will learn the different models used to describe and analyze manufacturing systems. By the end of the course, you will learn various models and techniques that will enable you to build productive and cost-efficient manufacturing systems that create a minimum load on the environment, lower operating costs, and create value for customers. 

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Risk Management

Equip yourself with this online operational risk management course that will teach you how to measure, assess and manage risk within your organization irrespective of type and size. By the end of the course, you will understand how to establish a risk management process using various frameworks and strategies. You will learn the theory and practice of risk management and the results expected from a successful risk management process.

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Manufacturing Technologies

This free online course teaches you how to use the tools that you need to excel in the manufacturing industry. We explain cutting-edge technologies that speed up the production of quality products to help you achieve your career goals as a manufacturer. The world has changed greatly since the Industrial Revolution and this course puts you ahead of the curve in time to profit from changes in technology and approach as they occur.

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