By: Lara Yeku

An employee complains to HR about a particular administrative HR process that is time-consuming and frustrating to complete. HR replies, "that is the process I met on ground, that is how it is done here, just manage it. Management does not see any issues with the process.”

As commonplace as this scenario is, it is all shades of a mediocre HR performance.  Among others, one major reason why HR is not accorded the respect the function deserves is mostly because too many HR practitioners shy away from championing much-needed changes in their organizations.

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Like it or not, as an HR Professional, if you are ever going to succeed and ascend to the heights of your career, you have got to learn a new way of thinking and working. The world is being transformed by new technologies, which are redefining customer expectations, enabling businesses to meet these new expectations, and changing the way people live and work. Accordingly, it is only through the adoption of a solution-based thinking process (design thinking) that HR can empathetically identify the “pain points” within their organizational processes as areas with the most immense potential to change consumer/ employee lives, create value and unlock broader benefits for the business.

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To sum up the point, HR can only win the trust of the people and the respect of management, when HR develops the courage, credibility, and capability to successfully guide and lead its organization and people into a place of sustainable productivity and profitability especially in these times of turbulence and uncertainty.

Design thinking drives innovation & creativity. The paradigm shifts start when we review our approach to viewing problems and start making those little changes in our processes that will enhance employee experience and improve engagement and productivity.

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About the Author 

Lara is a seasoned Human Resources senior executive with local and global best practices spanning across various industries. She is a certified coach with expertise cutting across HR Transformation, Talent & Career Management, HR Strategy, HR Metrics & Data Analytics, Organizational Development, Training, Performance Management, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Workforce planning, HR Coaching, Succession Planning, etc. 

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