By: Adeshola Aliogo

Some people are lucky enough to hit it on their first jobs, they get a great first job, grow without any hassles. They just work hard, smart, get promoted and keep growing.

For some others, its different. You just want to get a first job to keep going so almost anything goes. Now, this article is for people in this category.

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Defining your career path must be intentional, it is understandable if you are not sure in your first year, but it is very important to plan your future right from the very beginning.

Firstly, what is a job? In simple language, it is an activity or task you perform to get paid for. Now what would you call a career? "an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress". Google.

Take note of the word "progress".

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If you are doing what you are doing just because it settles the bills, then you have not started your career. There must be satisfaction beyond pay, you have to grow in knowledge, skills and attitude. The skills you are acquiring should also be easily transferable. This is why I always advice, that people learn to project into the future. In a few years from now, will your work experience be RELEVANT? Will you easily find another job with what you are currently doing? Do you wake up happy to start your day at your job?

In planning your career, you must clearly define your path. Answer these questions, where do you want to be at what time? What are your interests? what future lies in what you do? etc. Its also important to get yourself a mentor and coach. Trust me, this helps greatly especially when you need to make those tough career decisions

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Remember, It is alright to start with any job, just do not continue with any job.

About the Author

Adeshola has over 10 years diversified exposure spanning the FMCG, Logistics and Management Consulting sectors; delivering value across the HR service delivery, with practical knowledge and experience in Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, HR Transaction Services, Performance Management as well as Learning and Development.

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