By: Obaro Aziza 

Time is one resource that every man has in the same quantity. It doesn’t matter who you are or how wealthy you are, we all have access to 24 hours in a day. What makes the difference is how well each person spends their time.

Even in our busy schedules, we all have times when we are not really engaged. Such times include time spent in traffic, time spent queuing at the bank, waiting for a meeting to commence or waiting in line for an interview. These are only of a few examples out of many others.

For the purpose of this write-up, we would refer to such times as idle time. Here are some important ways you can maximize such free times.

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One of the best ways to maximize your idle time is to read books, magazines or articles that are relevant in your fields of interest. You could also read materials outside your fields of interest to be more versatile. Reading is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your value in life. Learn to maximize your spare time by reading relevant materials.

Check your emails

So that you do not use your work time to access personal emails, you can discipline yourself to check your personal emails only when you have spare time. While you are waiting for a meeting to start or waiting for a document to be signed, take advantage of such moments to check your emails.

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Return phone calls text messages

Another very good way to maximize spare or idle time to return missed calls and to reply text messages received. While you have work to do, learn to put your mobile phone away. A lot of people are caught up in this technology driven age, they have become addicted to their mobile devices. You must discipline yourself to respond to unofficial phone beeps only during idle time.


There is a lot to benefit from meditation. Meditation helps you to revitalize your mind and body. People have received great ideas through the simple exercise of meditating, some have received solutions to pressing problems through meditation. Whenever you have some spare time, try to meditate.

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Review your goals and plans

You need to constantly review your goals and plans to stay on track. It is wise for you to do this review as often as possible, daily if you can. You can use any spare time you have to engage in this important exercise. Instead of wasting such time doing nothing, review your goals, make adjustments were needed.

Life is measured in time and so you must learn to maximize every second of your life. Whenever you feel that you have nothing to do, you need to check your goals. People with great goals never complain of boredom.

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About the Author

Obaro Aziza is an HR professional with specialties in Learning and Development, Training Facilitation, Talent Acquisition, Business Partnering, Performance Management, Talent Management, HR and Business Consulting, Business Development, Strategy, Business Analysis, Business writing. 

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