Organizations are usually made up of a blend of people with varying characteristics, people with different thought patterns and work habits. Organizations that want to grow fast need to have the set of people we would be examining in the write up. They are employees with entrepreneurial drive and they have the following traits.

They are highly motivated and passionate

These set of employees have a burning passion for their work, they connect their work with the vision of the organization easily. They are the types that tend to invest longer hours into work, they do not mind inconveniencing themselves to see that results are achieved on time. They hardly have downtimes.

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They are concerned about the numbers

Such employees have a keen interest in the business numbers, they want to know how well the company is doing financially. These are the employee who know how many brands, products or services the company offers its clients. They have such figures close to them anytime and they strive to improve these numbers through their work.

They are innovative

Employees with the entrepreneurial drive tend to come up with new ideas often, they are not likely to enjoy routine and status quo. They love change and sometimes initiate it. Their minds are always thinking of how they can enhance products or improve the quality of services rendered by the organization. They have the ability to see things in new and different way from others.

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They are dreamers and believers

They have the innate ability to dream, a natural tendency to project into the future and see things how they can be. They dream big and are hard believers in their big dreams. They believe that everything is possible and that there is no limit to what the organization can achieve.

These are some of the traits that you need to identify in people during their recruitment process, get them on board and keep them. They are change agents and transformational leaders.

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