Are you having a tough time implementing change in your organization? You would find this write-up helpful, these are simple and helpful ways you can handle change within your organization.


Address employees concerns appropriately

Take time to identify what the concerns of employees are, find out if there are any possible challenges that may result from the change initiative. Be open to feedback from employees throughout the process. By addressing employees’ concerns you make them accept the change initiative easier.

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Provide support

For as many employees that may need one form of support or the other, ensure that they are provided with the needed support on time. Help employees go through the process with ease, management should be supportive and understanding in their approach.

Communicate consistently throughout the process

Communication is very important throughout the change management process. From the inception to completion, ensure that all parties involved are appropriately informed about what the change is, the desired outcome and the level of commitment expected.

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Give room for errors

Create room for errors that may arise during the change management process. There should be a form of leeway to those who may not catch up with the new system or strategy on time.

Provide adequate incentives

Incentives are a good way to make employees accept change. However incentives should be given with reasonable caution so that the aim of the incentive is not defeated. Ensure also that incentives are appropriate and within budget.

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