The greatest asset available to any business is its employees, most small business owners do not realize this hence they do not treat their employees right. Here are a few things you can do to manage your employees.

Respect them

It does not matter the level they are in life, people like to be shown respect. They like to feel that their presence is valued and that they are relevant. As a small business owner you must learn this great employee retention secret. People work well in environments where they feel respected. Treat your employees as you would want them to treat your customers.

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Train them

It is a common practice for most small business owners to see the investment in employee training as an unnecessary endeavor. Your business is only as good as the people who run it and one of the fastest ways to beat your competitors is through the quality of your employees. Invest in their training, do in-house trainings if you cannot afford to get external facilitators.

Appreciate their efforts

Even though they get paid for the work they do, the appreciated ones tend to give more than they are paid for. If you want your employees to put in that extra effort without been pushed to, you must appreciate every effort of theirs. Tell them how their input is helping the business grow. You do not have to spend money to show appreciation, most times a simple “Thank You” or “good job” is just enough.

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Lead by example

Do you demand hard work from your employees, then you must be the most hardworking person on the team. Employees generally tend to follow the actions of their bosses and not their words. Whatever traits you require employees to have, make yourself a reference point, that way it is easier for them to follow.

Praise in public and reprimand in private

This may be a tough one for most bosses as they would like to vent their anger on their employees when they notice a wrong behavior. However people generally hate embarrassment and would do anything to save their faces. Help your employees cover their shame, call them privately if you have to scold them and boost their ego by praising them in the presence of others.

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