Having a creative and productive workforce is key for any organization to survive in today’s tough economy. The greatest asset any organization has are the right set of employees, hence every organization must strive to keep its workforce relevant.

Idea generation and proper execution are signs of a creative workforce, especially when it occurs across the various departments in an organization. In this article I have suggested some ways organizations can build and encourage creativity amongst their employees.

You will find these tips very helpful and easy to apply.

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 Give employees challenging tasks

Give employees tasks that would stretch them mentally, tasks that would challenge then to think outside the box. Such tasks and assignments force them to think and come up with great solutions to challenges. Keep stretching them, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Encourage flexibility in problem solving

When you allow employees some degree of flexibility is solving problems, they come up with new ideas and methods. Organizations that are very bureaucratic in their processes and procedures tend to inhibit creativity. Let your organization be open to new ideas and new methods of doing things.

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Provide support when ideas fail

In the process of trying new ideas, there may be times when things do not go as planned. You have to give room for a second chance. Creating a sense that failure is not permitted will stiffen people’s minds towards trying new things and that would be counterproductive.

Create learning opportunities for employees

Organizations that are serious about achieving their goals in the midst of competition have to encourage continuous learning at every level. By exposing employees to new knowledge and insight, you release their creative genius. Encourage them to read books, journals, watch videos and engage in other activities that would expose them.

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Believe in your employees abilities

People perform better when their managers trust that they can do their jobs well. To bring out the best in your employees, you have to believe that they are capable enough to handle the task and you have to show them that you really believe in them.

Encourage healthy competition in your organization

Allow healthy competition amongst individuals and departments within the organization. Competitions are a good way to bring out creativity in people. Competition in the organization has to be healthy and controlled to prevent chaos.

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Have Idea generation sessions regularly

Create specific times during meetings when employees come up with their ideas on how products or services can be improved. Encourage everyone to contribute during such sessions and document ideas. Employees with the best ideas may be rewarded to encourage participation. Make idea generation a part of your organizations’ culture.

These are very cost-effective ways to increase creativity in your workplace. You don’t need to spend millions to get ideas worth millions from your workforce.

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