Learning new skills is one of the very important way to position yourself for opportunities and prove to be a strong candidate for job openings. Gone are those days when those skills were only acquired in-person, within the four corner of the classroom. These days many of those skills can be acquired online. 

Learning skills online makes it easy to enhance your own skill set and qualify for job openings at the comfort of your home, or any other places at any time. To start learning and acquiring skills, one first step to take is reviewing a list of different skills you can learn online. Doing this can help you identify the ones that are ideal for you and your purposes. 

In this article, top 10 different skills you can learn online are highlighted. The article also contains links to learning these skills at your convenient. Most importantly, many of these skills are completely FREE.

These free online web design courses will teach you everything you need to know about designing and building intuitive, responsive, and performant web pages. A well designed web page does more than load, it fuels conversions and repeat visits across a wide range of devices and highlights, and delivers new customers to your business. 

If you're sharpening your web design skills, start here.

The core concept of computer graphics is to manipulate visual content digitally. This course encompasses a brief history and evolution of the field, gives an in-depth explanation of the stages of the graphics pipeline, explains the hardware and software involved in the pipeline implementation and briefly introduces programming with graphics libraries. Numerous illustrations help provide a clearer understanding of the course’s subject matter.

 Click here to learn computer graphics for FREE

One of the most important parts of a brand is its logo and this free online graphic design course will teach you the requirements and processes for designing your own logos. Along with the fundamentals of logo design, this Understanding the Essentials and of a Professional Logo course will give you techniques, guidelines and best practices for logo design, and top tips on how to convert your skills to adverts and then to sales.

Click here Learn Professional Logo Design for FREE

In this free online course, we will introduce you to the Adobe Illustrator graphic design software. You can use Illustrator for many artworks such as logos, charts, drawings and more. We'll explore how to set up and manage your workspace in Adobe Illustrator and help you understand how to use it to create fantastic artwork in the form of doodling. You'll be able to leverage the lessons learned from this course to showcase your creative thinking. 

Click here to learn Adobe Illustrator for FREE

This free online course will teach you about the challenges and benefits of freelancing. To expand your knowledge, you will learn about the process of scheduling a launch, how to define clear goals and write successful sales proposals. You will learn to create accurate bids and automate commit messages. We will also cover the benefits of sending code quality reports in this course. 

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Do you want freedom of choice, work and money? Current employment scenarios are changing fast. Working from home is considered the new norm and the ‘gig economy’ is gaining ground. It has resulted in high demand for freelance work. In this entrepreneurship course, we equip you with all the tools, insights and roadmap to start, run and grow a successful freelance business and live the kind of life you always dreamed of. Happy freelancing! 

Click here to learn how to grow a freelance business for FREE

Would you like to start a business with minimal investment that will allow you to work from anywhere and attain financial freedom? All of this is possible using drop servicing. This course will equip you with all you need to start and run a thriving service-based business. You'll learn how to pick a service and a niche, build a professional website, obtain clients, expand your business and start generating profits. 

Click here to learn how to start Drop Servicing Business for FREE

Have you ever wanted to include animated lettering in your digital artwork? Procreate is graphic editing software with animation features accessible to both beginners and experts. Discover the program’s interface by examining the various panels and tools used to create animated letters. Learn about processes such as layer positioning, required to create both simple and complex letter animations, and enhance your skills as a digital artist.

Click here learn Animated Lettering Using Procreate for FREE

Master Adobe Photoshop and polish your graphic design skills with this free online diploma course that doesn’t require any prior experience with programming, photography or design. We start with the basics and work our way to Photoshop’s more advanced features step by step. The course delves into ‘secret’ hacks and techniques used by professionals to help you to join their ranks. Sign up to add this valuable skill to your portfolio. 

Click here to learn Photoshop for FREE

In this Master Adobe Illustrator CC course, you will learn how to navigate the Adobe Illustrator CC platform entirely and fully utilize the features available to you. You will study design and learn to make your graphics and logos using the software and create stunning effects. This free online Adobe Illustrator course also teaches you how to use the different drawing tools and techniques to masterfully plan requirements for any design project. 

Click here to learn Adobe Illustrator for FREE

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