The value you deliver at work determines the value your organization places on you. This article helps you check how valued you are and suggests ways you can increase your value in your organization. Digest every single line, leave nothing out.

Here are a few ways to determine how much value your organization places on you and suggestions on how you may increase your value.

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Is your voice heard?

Does your opinion count? Are you given a chance to speak up on important matters in the organization? When you speak, do people listen to you because you have something to say? When people of value speak at work, others listen. Improve you knowledge and expertise in the business of your organization to increase your value. Learn to speak only when you have vital things to say.

Do they believe in your abilities?

How much do they believe in your abilities? Are you seen as someone who delivers value to the organization? Do your colleagues trust that you can deliver effectively and efficiently? If they do not believe in your abilities, they would not have any value for you. Build a reputation for delivering great results and on time.

Do they invest in you?

When you are valued at work, your organization spends money and other resources available to invest in your growth and development. Is your organization interested in your progress? Are they willing to train you? Do they provide materials that would aid your advancement career? If you are valued, you organization would invest adequately in you.

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Do you feel well compensated?

Another good way to determine if you are valued at work is by how much you are compensated for your efforts? Good things do not come cheap, the same applies to talented people. Organizations are willing to pay high prices to attract and retain the right set of people. The value you bring to the organization determines how well you will be compensated. Constantly increase your earning ability by getting more education and experience.

How much Autonomy do you have?

The higher your value in the organization, the more autonomy you have to do your work. Trust in your delivery comes naturally and you enjoy little or no supervision most times. Strive to be as independent as you can, enhance your knowledge and skills, and build trust with you superiors.

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Can you be easily replaced?

Everyone in an organization can be replaced but there is a difference in the ease of replacing different employees. The degree to which you are replaced determines how much value the organization places in you. If you are easily replaced, you have a relatively low value. You must work hard to increase your, make it tough for your organization to replace you.

Value must first come from you before others can truly value you. You need to learn to place the right value on yourself, you need to think very highly of yourself before others will think highly of you. Get the knowledge you need, learn the skills and be the best you can be in your field of interest.

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