Too often I hear a lot of people complain about their superiors at work and the effect this has on their job performance. Do you have issues getting along well with your boss at work? I invite you to go through this article with an open mind as you will find some ways you can handle such a situation.

Here are seven ways you can maintain a good relationship with your boss and avoid any clashes.

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Accept and respect your boss

Accept them for who they are, accept all their shortcomings and learn to work with them. When you learn to accept your superiors the way they are, it makes it easy for you to cope with their frailties. Respect them because they are ahead of you and let that respect reflect in your attitude towards them.

Take initiative

You should not always wait to be told what to do before you act. Be ahead of your game, be proactive. Superiors get furious when they have to tell you every single thing before you take action. Be a fast learner, blend into the system very fast, and invest in your personal and professional development. Be the kind of employee that can be trusted to do a good job without close monitoring.

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Avoid direct confrontation and arguments

You should avoid any form of argument with your boss, it doesn’t matter who is wrong or right. Even if your boss is wrong, it may not be a very wise decision to use direct confrontation. When you directly and openly confront your boss, you are sending a signal of disrespect. Also avoid arguments as much as you can with your superiors, you will not gain anything by arguing with superiors.

Deliver results

Build a reputation for delivering results on time. When you do the work you are supposed to do well and you report on time, you leave no room for admonishment. It is only a bad boss that would scold you for a job well done and submitted on time. Make it your goal to always beat deadlines and to deliver quality work.

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Avoid complaining

Complaining about something you cannot change is a waste of your time and effort. Instead of complaining, spend the time thinking of ways to deliver more value at work. Complaining about your boss to other people increases you dislike and reduces your productivity. Make better use of your time and stop complaining about a bad boss.

Adhere to instructions

Even if you are an exceptional performer on the job, do not break laws. When you are given instructions, ensure that you follow them strictly. You will rarely have issues with your boss if you are loyal and submissive to the rules and regulations laid down in your organization. You may not like all the rules but as long as you work for the organization, remain loyal.

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Show commitment to work

Be committed to work and do not allow anything to affect your commitment. It is easy to overcome the difficulties you may be experiencing with your boss when you are fully committed to getting your job done. Get so engrossed in your work that nothing affects your focus and performance.

I strongly recommend that you try these tips whenever you think you have a difficult boss. I have used these strategies a lot and they have worked, they should work for you too.

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Obaro Aziza is an HR professional with specialties in Learning and Development, Training Facilitation, Talent Acquisition, Business Partnering, Performance Management, Talent Management, HR and Business Consulting, Business Development, Strategy, Business Analysis, Business writing. 

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