Nature teaches us that what we do not nurture diminishes and eventually dies, this applies also to our mental abilities. If we do not engage in activities that stretch us mentally, we continue to depreciate mentally.

With this in mind, you need to be deliberate about improving your mental ability, it doesn't just come with age or time. In this article, you will learn some very easy ways to build your mental ability with ease.

The following are ways you can improve your mental ability:

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 Ask good questions 

Do you accept things the way they are? When you get new information from people or from personal studies, do you take time to question the information? One very easy way to improve you mental prowess is through questioning. Remember how it was when you were a child? You questioned everything, you had a great yearning to know why things happened. As you grew older, things changed. Revert back to your inquisitive nature, that way you build yourself mentally. 

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Read as much as you can 

When was the last time you read a book, newspaper, a magazine, an article online? Is reading an important part of your life or something you rarely do? Reading is one of the best known ways of improving you mental ability. Through reading you gain insight from the knowledge and experience of the authors. You should cultivate the habit of reading wide, read books and other materials on various topics. 

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Make friends with people who are smarter than you are 

Do you surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are? Do you make friends with people who challenge you to think big? Where we would end up in our lives is largely determined by our associations. You must make a conscious effort to be surround yourself with people who challenge you mentally, make friends with people who are much smarter than you are.

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 Visit new places 

When was the last time you travelled to a new location? The mind grows when it is exposed to new environments. Cultivate the habit of travelling to new places when you have the chance to. This is one of the best ways to challenge the way you see life and the way you think about things. Your creative mind is improved when you change your environment. 

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Learn new skills 

Have you ever done a skill inventory to know the skills you have and the skills you must learn to be successful in your career? When was the last time you learnt a new skill? Do you feel you are too old to learn new skills? You are never too young or too old to learn new skills. Learning a new skill is a very effective way of enhancing your mental capacity. 

Use the power of observation

Do you look at things with inquisitiveness? Train your eyes to see beyond the obvious, do not see things as they appear. One very effective way to increase your power of observation is to engage your creative mind when you look at things. Henceforth look at things with more curiosity and intensity. 

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Have scheduled time(s) for thinking 

Do you have scheduled times for thinking on a regular basis? Taking out time to think is a very good practice that can help boost your mental capacity. Take out time on a daily basis to think on things that are important to you. Allow your mind to wonder while you ponder on things, and remember to always have a note pad close to you. As ideas come to you, write them down. You will be amazed by how much insight you will gain when you spend to think regularly. 

There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve with your mind if you are willing to put in the right effort. Challenge your mind, grow daily, and grow steadily.

About the Author

Obaro Aziza is an HR professional with specialties in Learning and Development, Training Facilitation, Talent Acquisition, Business Partnering, Performance Management, Talent Management, HR and Business Consulting, Business Development, Strategy, Business Analysis, Business writing. 

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