I am sure you are not new to the idea of starting a year by setting goals. Have you set goals for the year? If you haven’t, this is a good time to pause, take a pen and a notepad and write down your goals for the year.

To achieve the goals you have set, you must stay productive all through the year. I have written this article to inform you on some things that can affect your productivity and how you can avoid them.

You will find these ideas very simple and easy to implement in your life.

The six factors that can affect your productivity this year are:

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 No.1 Not having clearly defined goals with realistic timelines

How do you intend to measure your productivity if you do not have clearly defined goals? Setting clear and realistic goals is very important if you want to be productive this year. Ensure that you set goals in the different areas of your life, family, career, relationship, spiritual, financial and others. This is the starting point to having a productive year.

 No.2 Having a negative mindset

Do you have negative beliefs in any area of your life? Are you tied down by negative opinions of others about you? I want to encourage you to have a change of mindset, think positive thoughts. Believe in yourself and in your dreams, trust in your abilities and don’t let anything or anyone make you think otherwise.

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No.3 Focusing on the past

No matter how good or bad the past has been, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. Why should you spend so much time dwelling on the past when you know you cannot change it? To be more productive, let you mind be fixed on the present. Give full attention to the things you can do now to achieve your goals.

No.4 Sleeping longer than necessary

One sure way to increase your productivity is to spend more time on the activities that are very important in achieving your goals. Do you sleep longer than necessary? Do you feel you can achieve more by cutting down on the time you spend sleeping? Start by cutting down on your sleeping time by an hour or half an hour every day and add this extra time to your working hours.

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No.5 Getting engaged in activities that have no benefit to you

There is a big difference between being busy and being productive. If you are engaged in activities that do not benefit you in any way, you may be very busy but unproductive. You have to ensure that you spend most of your time on activities that are productive and help you achieve your goals. Cut down on the time spent on activities that have little or no positive impact on your life.

No.6 Paying too much attention to your challenges

What proportion of your time do you spend thinking about the challenges that your face in your job, business, academics and in other areas of your life? A lot of people spend too much time focusing on challenges. Instead of focusing on challenges, focus on solutions and how you can make the most of the resources at your disposal.

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