Companies that have the highest employee retention rates have healthy work environments that promote good performance. Here are a few ways you can improve your organization for enhanced employee performance and job satisfaction.

Proper job/task designing

Ensuring that there is adequate variety in work activities and giving employees some degree of flexibility will be helpful in creating a healthy workplace. Also ensuring that employees feel that their jobs are important in achieving the mission of the organization.

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Effective communication systems

Employees should have easy access to all the information they need to work effectively, managers should ensure that all the information they need to excel on their jobs are provided for them. Room should be created for employees to give feedback.

Handling conflict properly

Clear policies and procedures for conflict resolution should be set up and applied consistently. This will help to promote fairness and help employees trust their organizations. Such policies should be properly documented for easy reference.

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Influence and control

Employees need to have a sense of ownership over their jobs, they need some degree of trust and autonomy to be able to perform at their peak. They should be allowed to give feedback on their performance appraisals as well.

Implementing these strategies will help you increase employee commitment and loyalty in your organization.  

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