A lot of times I get questions from young professionals on how to find the right job and build a dream career.

Well, below are some of the important things, I think you should do. Please read this, tag a friend and share it with them to share with another friend, that way, we can reach more people and help them start off their career journeys on a good note.

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  • Understand yourself, your abilities and your purpose.
  • Chart a career path, know exactly what you want to do and chase it. Any job is not a job, have a niche and stay focused. Don't jump into jobs out of desperation. Finding jobs that align with your purpose is essential to career fulfillment.
  • Develop yourself towards your ultimate career goal. Be prepared for your dream job, develop yourself, learn online for free, learn from others, work for free or for less just to learn and position yourself for the big one and for growth. Always remember, you learn to earn. The more you learn, the higher your earning power.
  • Be versatile, know how to do many things but have an areas of specialty and core competence. Learn some of the top skills in high demand. Versatile people are more likely to stand through difficulties and difficult times. 

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  • Brand, package & position yourself well. You are a brand too, package yourself to attract the right people and organisations, showcase yourself and your talents so they can find you.
  • Create an good online identity and presence - LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram to mention a few.
  • Have a simple well written CV/Resume and tell a beautiful story about your career journey. Showcase your KSAAs (if you follow me you will know what KSAAs mean. If you don't know, ask me in the comments section).
  •  Find the right network, use your network to your advantage. Your network, they say, is your net worth, add quality people to your network, people who can charge you towards your goals and show you tips and tricks for success. This does not have to be senior professionals in all cases, it could be peers who always know about the latest vacancies or who know how to make contacts to make things happen.
  • Find a career mentor, one who has succeeded in the path you wish to tow, the one who can hold your hands and show you the way to help you meet your goals faster.
  • Finally, be a good person, drop poor behaviors and bad manners. Do not let poor behaviors cost you good opportunities, be well behaved, be courteous, stay positive and keep aspiring to the top! 

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About the Author

Ifeadi Anigbogu is a senior professional in People Management, Management Consulting and Human Resources Consulting. She is an international speaker, a writer, a content creator, a career and business success Coach. 

You can reach her on LinkedIn here.

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