Some core components of business management includes business planning, business continuity management, risk and, in some cases project development. This course deals with each of these components in details.

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  • Duration: 08:45 Hours
  • Address: Afobaje Street, Ota, Nigeria (Map)


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This course deals with each of these components in details. Below are the descriptions of what to expect in each components:

1. Business Continuity Management

This is a critical part any business and/or Non-Profit Organizations of any size (big or small). There's need for constant reminders to business owners that disasters can and do happen. For a small business in particular, picking up the pieces and starting all over for customer service again can prove to be especially difficult after a major disruption.

It was estimated by the Institute for Business & Home Safety that 25 percent of businesses never reopen their doors after a major disaster. Business Continuity Management needs to be effective for your requirements, so that your business can be resilient in the face of challenges such as fire, flood, loss of data, IT failure, etc.).

You need to be prepared so that panic does not cause you to make inappropriate and ineffective decisions which will hurt your business. And you need to be able to put this plan in place without spending a fortune.

This section walks you through all the key elements of effective business continuity management and planning. Whether you decide to manage this within your own organization or bring in outside resources, the information contained in this section will attract informed customers and in turn, save you valuable resources.

2. Business Planning

Business planning describes core business objectives and the plan to achieve them within a specific period of time. It is designed to help you, and others, understand how a plan to generate money and make the business sustainable.

A Business plan often includes information about the business goals, strategies, marketing and sales plans and financial forecasts. This section describes strategies for developing winning business plans that attracts and holds down the interest of the shareholder and/or clients.

3. Risk Management

Risks, although not inherently bad but represents uncertainty, and if you’re managing an organization or project, having a clear understanding of potential risks can help you move forward and make timely decisions with confidence.

Risks management is the process of identifying risks, analyzing them to assess their likelihood and potential impact on a program, and developing and implementing methods for responding to each risk. Risk management is essential for the success of every business as it helps identify, assess, and manage financial problems under any condition.

This section will help you identify business risk and improve your skills in managing them. It introduces you to the need and usefulness of risk management tools as well as the main steps of risk management that every business professional needs to know.

4. Project Proposal Development

In this bonus section, you will learn how to develop a practicable project proposal that gives you a holistic view of a complete project and, how to plan every phase of the project from initiation to completion such that the project is successfully executed within budget and time.

Who this course is for:

  • Business owners and/or entrepreneurs
  • Business managers
  • Chief operating officers (COO)
  • Directors and Chief Executive Officers (CEO)
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Business planners
  • Business analysts
  • Operations managers and professionals
  • Business Development Executives and Managers
  • Business leaders and managers, line supervisors/managers, customer service personnel and managers.
  • Individuals who wish to learn or improve their knowledge of business and risk management, and project development.
  • Project team members, coordinators, supervisors and managers.

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